Nuru Ethiopia Education Conducts First Teacher Training

After a very successful Training of Trainers (ToT) with woreda (district) education officials, school directors, cluster supervisors and language department heads in October, the Nuru Ethiopia Education team and these school officials conducted the first in a series of seven teacher training sessions on Friday, November 13th and Saturday November 14th. The first part of the

Nuru Impacts Ethiopian Women Through Financial Inclusion

Nuru Kenya Market Seeks Fair Prices for Farmers

In the 2015 long rains harvest season, Nuru Kenya piloted an approach of linking farmers to reliable markets where they can commercialize their crops. By aggregating and selling farmers’ surplus produce, Nuru Kenya helps farmers optimize their earning potential and make the most of their crop yields. Market linkage activities involve a number of steps

Bountiful Bean Harvest: Mama Hellen’s Story

Nuru works with farmers in groups. Mama Hellen was elected to lead her group, Isebania Umoja. To provide for her family all year round and educate her children, she relies on farming with Nuru Kenya’s Agriculture Program. Mama Hellen Boke Monanka is a hard working farmer in Kuria, southwest Kenya. At 43, she’s married and

Nuru Ethiopia hosts first ever Cooperative Leader Summit in Arba Minch

Nuru Ethiopia’s Cooperative and Agriculture Programs joined forces to host the first ever Cooperative Leader Summit in Arba Minch. Forty-five cooperative leaders from nine cooperatives gathered for the three-day summit. Topics for the summit included cooperative management, processes, market linkages, bookkeeping and financial record keeping. The summit concluded with an experience-sharing visit to the Ocholo

Nuru Ethiopia Designs Local Healthcare and Education Programs

The Leadership Program team is currently helping to facilitate the Program Planning Process (PPP) for both the Healthcare and Education teams to design their programs. This is the first time that Nuru has lead an integrated PPP for two programs at the same time and we are learning some valuable lessons for our holistic and

Nuru Agriculture Expands from 3 to 10 Areas in Southwest Ethiopia

The 2015 planting season activities are in full swing for both Nuru Ethiopia and Nuru Kenya!

Developing Effective Teams—While Also Having Fun!

The Nuru Ethiopia Leadership Program is using fun activities to guide the Healthcare, Financial Inclusion and Education Programs toward building cohesive teams and developing servant leadership and communication skills. We focused on five activities during the first quarter of 2015 to help staff experience the power of teamwork. 1. Engaging in Teamwork: Pictured below, the Education team worked with

Year of Huge Growth for Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture

The Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture Team has been busy preparing to issue the first round of farm input loans for 2015. This is a year of huge growth for the Agriculture Program, where they are aiming to triple in operational area and number of farmers reached. Over the first three months of 2015, the team has

Nuru Kenya Leadership Program 2014 Achievements in Photos

Jane Omanga is the Program Manager for the Leadership Program. She has extensive experience in project management, counseling and social work. She is originally from Kisumu and is married with three children. She is happy to join us in the fight of eliminating extreme poverty in rural Kenya. Below, enjoy the photos she chose to showcase the

Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture Program Post-Harvest in Photos: December 2014

Nuru Ethiopia’s Agricultural Team has been hard at work providing post-harvest handling trainings and building relationships with potential buyers for the maize harvest. Building the capacity of the cooperatives is an important step on the path to sustainability and the Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture staff have ensured cooperative leaders involvement in each step of the post-harvest

Nuru Kenya Leadership Program Trainings in Photos: October 2014

Nuru Kenya Leadership Program’s main objective is to improve knowledge and skills to Nuru Kenya staff and help them gain an attitude that would help them relate well with farmers and manage their programs effectively and efficiently. Leadership does all these activities through training, mentorship, team building and capacity development.   Level 1: Facilitating Focus

Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture Harvest Season in Photos: September 2014

The harvest season has arrived in Boreda Ethiopia.  As farmers across the wereda work hard to bring their crops in from the field, Nuru is happy to share these photos of the abundant harvest.   Nuru farmers in Hambisa kebele stacking their maize on their plot after a great harvest. The maize will dry in

Nuru Kenya Agriculture Long Rains Season Harvest in Photos: August 2014

The harvest season has arrived in Kuria West.  As farmers across the district work hard to bring their crops in from the field, Nuru is happy to share these photos of the abundant maize harvest.   A Nuru farmer uses oxen to carry maize from his farm to his house. Once the maize arrives at

Nuru Education Program: Photos from Outreach June 2014

While many school children in the U.S. are starting their summer vacations, Kenya’s schools are in the middle of the 2014 school year.  Nuru’s Education Program has been working with 17 schools across two divisions with almost 6,000 students for the last 6 months.   In Mabera Division, the team has welcomed a few new