Nuru's Manifesto

At Nuru, we believe in hope above all. We believe cycles of injustice are meant to be broken and that all people deserve to make meaningful choices about their lives regardless of where they live. We believe in the power of people to lead their communities out of instability and into prosperity and resilience. We believe in a life of service. Our staff and leaders prioritize the needs of others. Whether it’s a donor, a staff member, or a farmer’s child, we believe in treating every stakeholder with care. We put women first, demand equity, champion authenticity, and strive for dignity for all.

Impact by the Numbers

5 Countries

Nuru is represented by local nonprofits in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Over 300K People

Since 2007, Nuru has been reaching farmers, their families, and their communities with resources to build their resilience and overcome extreme poverty.

+290 Agribusinesses Supported

Thriving farmer-owned and farmer-led agribusinesses support rural entrepreneurs and their communities.

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My aspirations for enhancing my agricultural practices have been achieved. I managed to provide education for my children, and my income has improved […] Hunger is no longer a concern, as we no longer need to purchase food. Moreover, I generate income from the sale of milk and surplus maize [corn]. The health of my children has also improved, as they can consume the milk produced by our dairy cow. Furthermore, I have upgraded from a thatched house to one with a sturdy roof.

Nuru Kenya Farmer

Partner With Us

We believe quality partnerships allow us to do more good at a faster pace. Whether you’re a business looking for corporate social responsibility opportunities or a service provider seeking out an implementing partner, we are eager to hear from you!

Lend Your Support

Be Hope. Be Nuru.

When you give, you bring hope to farmer families and their communities.

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Nuru Kenya Woman Farmer, 2015