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  • Get your gift matched!

    Many companies match contributions of their employees, spouses, and retirees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, click here.

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    If your company offers a matching gift, please fill out the company form, and send it to:
    Nuru, 2020 Pennsylvania Ave Ste 600, Washington DC 20006.

    For assistance, contact us at development@iamnuru.org or 949.667.0796.

  • Donate stock

    Thank you for your desire to support Nuru through the donation of stock. Our development team and your broker or financial advisor will help you navigate the process. Please contact your financial advisor with your plans to donate stock and then contact our team to let us know of your plans. We will support the next steps.

    For assistance, contact us at development@iamnuru.org or 949.667.0796.

  • Donate cryptocurrency

    Nuru accepts donations of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin through GiveSafely, a blockchain-secured giving portal provided by BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

    For assistance, contact us at development@iamnuru.org or 949.667.0796.

  • Planned giving

    Designating a planned gift to Nuru can help break cycles of injustice and ensure that all people can make meaningful choices about their lives regardless of where they live. To learn more about how your legacy can help create a better future for others, please contact us at development@iamnuru.org or 949.667.0796.

Where Your Money Goes

73% Direct Program Services

People, tools, and resources create impact.

13% Core Mission Support: Management & General

Strong, adaptive administrative, financial, and human resource systems are the backbone for sustainable programs across the Nuru Collective.

14% Core Mission Support: Fundraising

Nurturing our current donors and cultivating new partners provide the critical funding necessary for the success of our mission.

What Others Are Saying

The work of Nuru goes to the heart of Helmsley’s program in sub-Saharan Africa, which aims to boost resilience and ensure the well-being of children and families in remote communities. Empowering smallholder farmers and farmer collectives with the tools and knowledge they need to become professional agribusiness is a critical part of the tapestry of support that will enable rural economies to flourish long-term.

Walter Panzirer
Trustee, Helmsley Charitable Trust
We are proud to partner with Nuru, which works with underserved communities living across the intersection of extreme poverty, insecurity, and instability. We strongly align with their approach to tackling extreme poverty by implementing evidence-based, agricultural cooperative models through partnering with proximate leaders who are serious about capturing outcomes. As a business, we understand we can't shy away from difficult contexts and environments because others have deemed it as 'too hard'. Likewise, so does Nuru! We are incredibly excited to see the regions and communities (which have been labelled by others in the 'too hard' category) that they will be reaching both today and into the future.

Peter Yao
Chief Impact Officer, Thank You Company
I have loved seeing the progress that Nuru has made in all the countries in which it has entered these past few years and the changes that it has made qualitatively and quantitatively in the lives of the people in Africa. Success to Nuru is creating self-sustaining organizations that continue to grow and help themselves so that Nuru can transition out and move its focus to other impoverished areas.

Jennifer Painter
Nuru Donor


  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes, Nuru is a 501(c)(3) organization with tax ID number 26-1250716, making all donations tax-deductible for US citizens.

  • How do I get a receipt?

    When you donate directly from our website, you will receive an email receipt immediately. In the event that you make a donation check or wire transfer, a receipt will be mailed to the address provided. For any issues related to your receipting, please contact development@iamnuru.org.

  • I need help making my donation. Who can I contact?

    Please reach out to development@iamnuru.org via email or contact Nuru via phone at 949.667.0796.

  • How can I get my donation matched?

    Many companies match contributions of their employees, spouses, and retirees. Your human resources department can tell you whether your company has a matching gift program. Ask for a matching gift form, complete it, and send it to Nuru at the address below with your donation. We will verify receipt of your gift and submit the form to your company.

  • What is Nuru’s address?

    2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Ste 600
    Washington, DC 20006

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