Nuru Ethiopia’s Agricultural Team has been hard at work providing post-harvest handling trainings and building relationships with potential buyers for the maize harvest. Building the capacity of the cooperatives is an important step on the path to sustainability and the Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture staff have ensured cooperative leaders involvement in each step of the post-harvest and market linkage steps.

Post harvest handling training

At a recent training in Arba Minch, cooperative leaders and agricultural field officers learned about best post-harvest handling practices, the importance of market linkages, cooperative gender dynamics and quality testing. During this training, cooperative leaders discussed the post-harvest challenges they face and worked to address these challenges. They also had the opportunity to practice the quality control testing skills they learned.

Training on post harvest protocols

After attending the training in Arba Minch the agriculture field officers along with the cooperatives leaders who attended trained the cooperative group leaders, who, in turn, are expected to train the members of their individual groups. Above, Tariku Wubete, an Agriculture Program Field Officer, along with the Meteka Mele cooperative chairman, train the cooperative group leaders on best post-harvest handling practices.

Training attendees

The Meteka Mele group leaders attending the post-harvest handling training given by the cooperative chairman and Tariku.

Woylita Demoto Grain Marketing Union visit

Creating a market linkage for Nuru farmers was a top priority of the Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture Team. Working hard throughout October and November to establish relationships with different Grain Marketing Unions, representatives from two Unions visited Boreda and met with cooperative leaders to discuss possible market linkages. Ultimately the cooperative leaders signed contracts with the Woylita Demoto Grain Marketing Union.

contract signing

After three hours of negotiating, the cooperatives signed contracts by flashlight at the Dubano Bulo VAC. The cooperative leaders negotiated hard for the highest price for their members. The price that was agreed upon is higher than local market prices and will allow for the cooperatives to take a commission in order to build up their reserves for future activities.

Congratulations to all!