Jane Omanga is the Program Manager for the Leadership Program. She has extensive experience in project management, counseling and social work. She is originally from Kisumu and is married with three children. She is happy to join us in the fight of eliminating extreme poverty in rural Kenya. Below, enjoy the photos she chose to showcase the amazing achievements of the Leadership Team through 2014!

The Leadership Program’s goal is to equip Nuru Kenya staff with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to interact well with farmers to end extreme poverty (Nuru’s mission). These pictures illustrate some of the program’s activities this year.

The first two photos are of Leadership Training Officers (TO) taking the Education Coordinators (EC) and Facilitators (EF) through an orientation program on leadership activities. The team covered all Level 1 lessons to help them gain insights into what is expected of the EFs during leadership training.

Leadership training NK

Orientation for Nuru Kenya Leadership Education Coordinators and Facilitators in the Kehancha Division

Education Facilitators learning about servant leadership qualities


The next two photos are of the leadership staff during the staff retreat and team building at Mount Longonot. The team went through challenges where the vehicle got stuck; the team had to come together to overcome such challenges. We were determined because of our team spirit and teamwork.

Team Building

Overcoming challenges through team work

Team Building 2

Nuru Leadership team building exercise


Captured below is the Leadership Program Manager (PM) taking the participants through group presentations on the Golden Harvest problem statement. In this exercise, groups worked together to rewrite the problem statement of a case study of a fictitious project called Golden Harvest. They produced a more accurate and thorough problem statement in order to improve the program model’s design.

Design training summit

Nuru Kenya Leadership team leading the Design Training Summit


An additional task of the Nuru Kenya Leadership Program is to equip Nuru staff with computer knowledge and skills so that they can run their programs more efficiently and effectively. In the first photo, the Computer Training Manager is taking the Leadership and Education teams through PowerPoint Presentation training. In the next photo, Agriculture and Financial Inclusion teams are trained in Intermediate Microsoft Word training.

Computer Training

Computer training led by the Computer Training Manager

Computer Training 2

Important work related computer skills being taught within the group


Leadership Training Officers demonstrate to participants on giving and receiving feedback.  The participants are practicing giving and receiving feedback during Feedback Training at Mabera Division in the below photo.