The Leadership Program team is currently helping to facilitate the Program Planning Process (PPP) for both the Healthcare and Education teams to design their programs. This is the first time that Nuru has lead an integrated PPP for two programs at the same time and we are learning some valuable lessons for our holistic and integrated model and making good progress in designing the Healthcare and Education Programs. Here is a short photoblog to update everyone on our activities during Milestone #4, the major design phase, in the PPP demonstrated through some of our organizational values at Nuru Ethiopia.

1 World Vision site visit HC & ED

Integration: The Education and Healthcare teams visit World Vision’s project in Chencha to learn about their integrated model for community farms and nutrition. We are garnering some lessons on integration to help Nuru Ethiopia’s four impact programs better integrate.

2 HC site visit L10K

Learning from each other (experience sharing): The Healthcare team visits Last 10K to learn about their health program working with the Ethiopian government in and around Arba Minch. Here we gained some valuable lessons and best practices on monitoring and evaluation.

3 planning wkshop 2

Good time management: This Leadership Workshop is not directly part of the PPP, but it is a monthly workshop that the Leadership team gives to all Nuru staff to enhance their leadership and program management skills. The theme of the workshop given by our Leadership Training Officer, Behebret, was “How to Plan to Set Your Program Up for Successful Implementation.”

4 activities brainstorm HC

Speaking freely: The Leadership team works with the Healthcare team in an Activity Group brainstorm to design the most impactful, sustainable, and scalable interventions that we can implement in our communities.

5 HC activity group creation brainstorm best

Participatory decision-making: The Healthcare team engages in their Activity Group brainstorm and creation. Members laid cards with their collective ideas on the table and organized, removed, and added new ideas to come up with their final four Activity Groups.

6 Milestone 4 work HC

Always trying our best: Milestone #4 is a momentous point in our Program Planning Process (PPP). The teams engage in extensive research, critical analysis, and design for their program interventions. Here is one of the walls of our training room that demonstrates the hard work of the teams and the enormous amount of analysis and creative ideas produced during this phase.