Nuru Kenya Leadership Program’s main objective is to improve knowledge and skills to Nuru Kenya staff and help them gain an attitude that would help them relate well with farmers and manage their programs effectively and efficiently. Leadership does all these activities through training, mentorship, team building and capacity development.


Level 1: Facilitating Focus Project 1: a training that describes Nuru’s mission of ending extreme poverty and how each program contributes to achieving this mission.


Nuru Kenya Leadership Program Team capacity building and mentorship session: weekly opportunities to improve the Leadership Program Team’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be better positioned to equip the rest of Nuru staff.

Critical thinking on zoom in and out during staff retreat: retreats are fun team building opportunities where teams also engage in critical thinking exercises.


Level 1: Basic Nuru Leadership Training (BNLT): BNLT helps staff understand Nuru’s approach to poverty solutions and the concept of servant leadership. The bucket filling activity is used to describe the importance of working together.


Exchange visit at Homabay:  The Leadership Team takes occasional trips to learn from other organizations. This activity explains how knowledge is spread down to farmers.


Level 2 training: Level 2 training is given to Nuru’s managers and helps build advanced skills in program and team management and program design. Pictured is another great team building exercise.


Level 2: Facilitating Communications 2 Training: Communications 2 trains managers on using communication skills to help build more effective teams and to hold difficult conversations. Leadership trainings include fun and participatory activities such as this to engage and teach participants.


Level 1: Facilitating Feedback Training: to show the benefits and importance of giving one another feedback and how to do it better.