Mary Joel: A Woman Farmer’s Story of Resilience

In this final blog post for our Women’s Month series, we look at the way one woman farmer’s life has been positively impacted through Nuru’s gender-transformative approach that creates opportunities for women to share in household, community, and organizational decision-making. Nuru Kenya Launches Dairy Program In an effort to provide rural farmers with the opportunity

Permagarden Training in Nigeria Cultivates Hope Among Rural Farmer Families

Permagarden training, a program Nuru Nigeria offers farmer association members to increase household nutrition, is launching for the second consecutive year. Permagarden Training: Year Two The first year’s experience with tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers was important from many points. The Nigeria team took on this project and delivered value to our first farmer associations (FAs)

Petit Rebwi Inspires Fellow Community-Owned Cooperatives

The hilly village of Nyamagenga in Kuria East sub-county is a breath-taking sight. From a distance you would mistake it for bare land where no farming takes place. The scenery is fascinating despite the erratic rainfall patterns and recurrent crop diseases that attack maize, the community’s staple food. If you traveled there, moving from one

Bravo to all the fathers and fathers-to-be!

Most of the tribes in Kenya once identified fathers as the providers, symbols of protection and influencers, but times have changed. Fathers now assume more roles like cooking for the family, taking care of the children, and washing the baby’s clothes. I recently paid a visit to a friend of mine who had just been

Mothers’ Day Moments Across the Ocean

First-time mothers reflect on new life and nursing I just got back from a precious week with my new niece (during her third week of life) and her mother. What an incredible time for a first time mother and baby, and for the family as a whole. The moment you became a mother is still

How a community of farmers inspired me to leave Corporate Africa and join Nuru Social Enterprises

I spent the last 17 years working for some of the finest, most prestigious businesses in Africa and in the world as well. I enjoy Corporate Africa. It’s about strategic thinking, tough negotiations with business partners, board room to board room meetings — the rush is amazing. It’s always about getting ahead and striking your

Pauline Wambeti featured on ‘Executive Woman’ series by BrandPlus TV Kenya

BrandPlus TV created the Executive Woman series to showcase how women are transforming the socio-economic landscape in Kenya while also creating positive change in their communities. Using powerful storytelling, BrandPlus TV seeks to motivate women to go after their dreams. In the episode, host Ng’endo Mwangi speaks to Pauline Wambeti, the Country Director of Nuru Kenya, an

Helping Eunice Grow More Maize

Meet Eunice–a Kenyan farmer who grows maize Eunice is nearing her 60th birthday. Though now a widow, she is proud to be mother to 10 children and grandmother to over 30 grandchildren. Since 2010 she has been a member of Nuru Kenya’s programs. Before, she would farm the whole long rains season and hardly get 3

Nuru Recognizes International Literacy Day

Today, September 8th, the world celebrates International Literacy Day. Organizations around the world are requesting that people support literacy through book drives, donations, and new reading programs. My wife loves to read.  She reads every night and probably averages a book a week, so it was no surprise when we found out we were going

Water Access Restored to 1,000 Households

As I reflect on the exciting nature of the past three weeks—the sound of water filling a 100,000-liter tanker which had been empty for 8 years, community members cheering at the site of clean water flowing out of water sources that hadn’t worked for 5 years and jerry cans of all sizes waiting to be

George Nywamweya’s Journey – Growth, Skills, and Education

Foreword by Jimmy Leak, PhD: I first met George in June of 2012. He had just been promoted to Field Manager because he is smart and innovative, but he wasn’t managing anyone. Everyone could see his talent, but he was shy and a bit timid. In the years since, George has emerged as one of Nuru

Bountiful Bean Harvest: Mama Hellen’s Story

Nuru works with farmers in groups. Mama Hellen was elected to lead her group, Isebania Umoja. To provide for her family all year round and educate her children, she relies on farming with Nuru Kenya’s Agriculture Program. Mama Hellen Boke Monanka is a hard working farmer in Kuria, southwest Kenya. At 43, she’s married and

An end and a new beginning: reflections on Nuru expat exit in Kenya

The sun was setting as I stood by the grave marker of the final resting place of my friend, brother, and Nuru Kenya co-founder, Philip Mohochi. When I was here a year ago at his passing, I had been overwhelmed – even numbed by the throngs of people coming to pay their respects – all

Alice Challenges Herself to Save

In 2013, Alice Eminza Mubusi was facing financial ruin. Barely making more than her average daily financial requirements and having lost her son to an unexpected family crisis, Alice and her family were forced to live hand-to-mouth with her meager farming income. However, armed with a burning desire to make life better for her family,

How Nuru Kenya has transformed Migori County, my hometown

These days, I enjoy working side-by-side with Nuru Kenya Country Director Pauline Wambeti, leading a staff team 250 strong. Since 2008, we’ve enabled over 78,000 people in Kuria West (Migori County) to take their very first steps on the road out of extreme poverty; and what a difference our work has made. However, I remember the