International Women’s Day: How Nuru Nigeria Inspires Inclusion

International Women’s Day  Today, we come together with others around the globe–organizations, businesses, governments, and individuals–to recognize International Women’s Day. We utilize this day to both celebrate the strides we have made in increasing inclusion as well as the critical changes still necessary to achieve a more equitable world for all. This is “a day

International Women’s Day: How One Woman Leader Chooses to #EmbraceEquity

On this International Women’s Day, the Nuru Collective is honored to join with people across our global community to #EmbraceEquity.  The Nuru Collective is proud to take this moment to celebrate its women leaders whose expertise and insights have paved the way for meaningful choices for vulnerable families and their communities. One of these women

Happy International Women’s Day: A Conversation with Feven Yimer

In honor of International Women’s Day, I recently sat down with Feven Yimer to ask her about her experience with women in development, leading an organization, and influential women in her own life. Feven Yimer has been working with Nuru Ethiopia since its Education Program began in 2014. Originally from Addis, Feven was driven to

Pauline Wambeti featured on ‘Executive Woman’ series by BrandPlus TV Kenya

BrandPlus TV created the Executive Woman series to showcase how women are transforming the socio-economic landscape in Kenya while also creating positive change in their communities. Using powerful storytelling, BrandPlus TV seeks to motivate women to go after their dreams. In the episode, host Ng’endo Mwangi speaks to Pauline Wambeti, the Country Director of Nuru Kenya, an

Emily McLaughlin Presents at Nonprofit Learning Lab Institute

LOS ANGELES, CA—Hundreds of nonprofit professionals will gather today for the annual Nonprofit Learning Lab Institute. The 2016 theme is “Creating Connections and Discovering Possibilities.” This one-day, member-only event is hosted on September 1, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT at the NCJW/LA Council House, 543 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. The Nonprofit Learning Lab

InsideNGO Honors Elizabeth Atherton of Nuru International with 2016 Excellence Award in Finance

WASHINGTON, DC—InsideNGO honored Nuru International’s Director of Finance, Elizabeth Atherton, with its 2016 Excellence Award in Finance at its annual conference held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The InsideNGO Excellence Awards were established in 2010 to recognize professionals within the development sector who are innovating, collaborating and ensuring operational excellence within their organizations.

#MyMomIsStrongBecause… by Zablon Murimi

Zablon Murimi, a Nuru Kenya farmer, thanks his mother, Boke, for keeping their family healthy and strong. #MyMomIsStrongBecause she undertakes household chores perfectly like tilling our farm, cooking delicious meals for the family and caring for the young children. My mum helps my dad in heading the family and keeps our family in good health. She ensures the

Jane Omanga–Inspiring Leader and Mother of Three Children

Jane is married and has three teenage children. Since April of 2013, Jane has been living in rural and remote Isibania, about 248 miles (400 km) from her family in Nairobi. Jane understands the sacrifice needed to ensure her children have a better life. Jane Omanga is Nuru Kenya’s Leadership Program Manager and one of

#MyMomIsStrongBecause… by Pauline Wambeti

#MyMomIsStrongBecause through her struggles and hard work, she gave me a better life than the one she had. My mother, Lydia, hails from Embu in eastern Kenya and was born to a family of twenty-six siblings from three co-wives. Her story is one of breaking many barriers, including breaking the generational cycle of poverty experienced

A Family of Strong Women

Three generations of Nuru donors—Jean Ghera, daughter Heather Warren and granddaughter Olivia Warren—celebrate a family of strong women. What Heather Warren admires about her mom, Jean Ghera: #MyMomIsStrongBecause she has faith and hope. She endures hard times with a positive mental attitude and when she prays, she listens for God’s response. She is a good listener. My mom also takes

#MyMomIsStrongBecause… by Elijah Wambura

Elijah Wambura, a Nuru Kenya field manager, shares his overflowing love for his mother. #MyMomIsStrongBecause she offers something different—different from my father and any other person. We can talk about co-parenting as a “fact” of life but the “truth” remains that mothers carry babies in their wombs from conception to birth tirelessly. If it were me,

#MyMomIsStrongBecause… by Kavita Shah

Kavita Shah, a longtime fan of Nuru International who co-founded @getmeWITHIN with her brother, shares what she loves about her mother, Lata Krishnan, an early Nuru investor and the CFO of Shah Capital Partners. My mom is many things. She is East African, Indian and American. She is a strong, driven entrepreneur and a caring, loving

#MyMomIsStrongBecause… by Jake Harriman

#MyMomIsStrongBecause she never, ever gave up when things got hard. Not before, not now, not ever. One of my most vivid memories from the Marine Corps was a particularly vicious hill called Recon. When training for a tough physical endurance test or trying to get back into fighting shape following a tough deployment, I would

Maternal Health and Healthy Communities

The World Health Organization reports a shocking statistic: “Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.” If you counted up all of these moms, it’s the same as wiping out the entire population of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or Anchorage, Alaska or Cincinnati, Ohio in a year’s time. Even ONE family losing its

The Cost of Water

As Melinda Gates points out in the 2016 Gates Annual Letter, collecting, treating and using water is a large contributor to “time poverty”—the deprivation of opportunity because of the time spent attending to one’s basic needs. In most places in the US, clean drinkable water flows from the kitchen sink and even down the toilet