Kavita Shah, a longtime fan of Nuru International who co-founded @getmeWITHIN with her brother, shares what she loves about her mother, Lata Krishnan, an early Nuru investor and the CFO of Shah Capital Partners.

My mom is many things. She is East African, Indian and American. She is a strong, driven entrepreneur and a caring, loving mother. No matter how busy life gets, she always makes time for my brother Rohan and me. She has taught us by example to go out, dream big dreams and do our part to serve our fellow human beings. It is her adventurous spirit who took me with her to explore the world, and ultimately encouraged me to start my own business.

#MyMomIsStrongBecause she ventured to the US on her own to be financially independent, she raised two kids while starting her own company, and she battled with colon cancer – and won.

But even these accomplishments don’t do justice to her true strengths: her everyday compassion, empathy, and clarity of what is right.

My mom has taught me the value of hard work, of service and of not being afraid to try. These are just a few reasons why my mom is strong, and as Mother’s Day approaches, this is just a short list of the many reasons why I celebrate her along with mother’s everywhere who are bravely setting an example for their children.