What #IWD2016 means to a farmer in remote Kenya

From the perspective of a Nuru farmer in Kenya, it may seem like International Women’s Day has nothing to do with her. In rural areas, limited economy, poor infrastructure and low education levels contribute to communities having limited or no access to social media to follow @WomensDay or #IWD2016. Despite the swell of online conversation, she

Defying cultural expectations as a ‘woman leader’

As a woman journeying through various roles in different organizations, I have grappled with conflicting cultural expectations whenever I dared to seek challenging but fulfilling experiences. Fierce competition notwithstanding, gender intricacies further complicate women’s access to leadership opportunities—more so in the rural, remote communities in the developing world where leadership roles are deemed masculine. I

Bennadette Mugita on Overseeing Impact for Nuru Kenya

Feature photo: Impact Program Manager Bennadette Mugita presenting on health communications during a Nuru Kenya team building exercise in Mombasa in May 2014. The last few years at Nuru Kenya have been years of tremendous growth. As the organization grew and evolved it became apparent that someone was needed to coordinate across impact programs to ensure

Microfinance and Building a Saving Habit

Feature photo: Women at a savings group meeting in Meteka Mele, Boreda District, Southern Ethiopia. For the last two or three decades, microfinance has been regarded as the panacea for poverty alleviation by donors and international development experts. There are concrete examples confirming that microfinance has uplifted thousands of people out of poverty, such as the families

Announcing the Launch of Women@Nuru

“We believe in the beauty and power of an individual empowered with knowledge and skill to solve the challenges that extreme poverty creates in her nation. We strive to work with her to remove the obstacles surrounding her that prevent her from realizing this full potential and power for change.”—Jake Harriman, CEO of Nuru International