Case Study

Nuru Highlighted in USAID-Funded Research Collaboration

The 2015 exit of Nuru International staff from Migori County, Kenya, was recently featured as a case study in the USAID-funded collaborative research project, “Stopping As Success: Transitioning to Locally Led Development” (SAS), a project aimed at promoting “locally led development by bringing greater awareness to the international community of the multiple dynamics at play

Nuru International featured on Google for Nonprofits

Working in real-time with collaboration tools in G Suite has allowed Nuru International to be more effective and efficient in our day-to-day operations across 11 different time zones. We are proud to have our case study featured on Google for Nonprofits alongside other incredible nonprofits like Samasource, Kiva, and charity:water. Read our story >>

Rewarding Pro Bono Consulting in Ethiopia

When I set off to work for my three-month pro bono consulting assignment with Nuru Ethiopia, I wondered whether I could transfer my professional skills to real-life situations that could be of true benefit to a community or region. For me, this was a first-time mission to provide advisory services in an unknown territory, with

George Nywamweya’s Journey – Growth, Skills, and Education

Foreword by Jimmy Leak, PhD: I first met George in June of 2012. He had just been promoted to Field Manager because he is smart and innovative, but he wasn’t managing anyone. Everyone could see his talent, but he was shy and a bit timid. In the years since, George has emerged as one of Nuru

Stanford Magazine Features Nuru International in “Seeds of Promise”

Can growing corn in Kenya fight terrorism? One veteran says it can. By Robert L. Strauss BY HIS OWN RECKONING, Jake Harriman has told the same story more than 500 times. It is early morning in April 2003. The fog is lifting along Highway 7 in southern Iraq. A small car blazes up the road.

Bennadette Mugita on Overseeing Impact for Nuru Kenya

Feature photo: Impact Program Manager Bennadette Mugita presenting on health communications during a Nuru Kenya team building exercise in Mombasa in May 2014. The last few years at Nuru Kenya have been years of tremendous growth. As the organization grew and evolved it became apparent that someone was needed to coordinate across impact programs to ensure

When Locals Are Ready to Lead

In June 2015, Nuru hit a major milestone that was seven years in the making: Nuru International’s expat team exited Kenya, leaving behind a fully functioning and locally owned and managed organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty in Migori County and across Kenya. When the first expat team settled in Isibania in 2008, the goal was to

The Leader We Need

Feature photo, from left to right: Hambissa leaders Robi, Kassa and Tesfaye I have had the great fortune of leading incredibly talented men and women to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks — first as an infantry and special operations Marine and currently as CEO of Nuru International. My greatest teachers were not the colonels or generals whose orders

Lessons Learned: Fostering a Sense of Urgency

Nuru International is pioneering a solution to end extreme poverty in remote, rural areas. We believe that in pursuing this solution, we will find new ways to solve old problems. There is risk in being a pathfinder. With risk comes failure. Nuru will not complete its mission without failure. Failure will lead to our success.