International Development

Abiy Meshesha Accepted Into CALA Advanced Leadership Program

We are excited to announce that Nuru Ethiopia Managing Director Abiy Meshesha has been accepted into the Centre for African Leaders in Agriculture (CALA) Advanced Leadership Program. With this prestigious honor, Abiy joins the ranks with 80 other agriculture sector leaders from eight African countries and is recognized as a “food security champion” (CALA).  What

The Effects of La Niña in East and West Africa

What is La Niña? La Niña is a weather pattern coinciding with colder than average waters in the Pacific Ocean, affecting global weather events and climate. During La Niña years (2020-2022, 2016, 2008-2009), normal weather patterns are disrupted, leading to intensified storm activity in some places and droughts in others. In North America, the Midwest,

Nuru Kenya: Five Years After Expatriate Team Exit

Five years ago, Nuru International expatriates left Kenya and handed over the operations of the Nuru Kenya NGO to the local team. The international team had high expectations, having mentored the local team for seven years.  Preparation for Exit Despite their excitement to take over operations,  the local team was also skeptical about their capacity

Nuru’s Digital Development Strategy and the AMEA AgTech Guide

Digital Development and AgTech at Nuru Nuru has demonstrated success in developing resilient, locally-led organizations in rural areas of Kenya and Ethiopia as outlined in the USAID Stopping As Success learning collaboration. With an aim to address urgent needs at the confluence of conflict, climate change, and poverty, Nuru launched a third country project in

Nuru Highlighted in USAID-Funded Research Collaboration

The 2015 exit of Nuru International staff from Migori County, Kenya, was recently featured as a case study in the USAID-funded collaborative research project, “Stopping As Success: Transitioning to Locally Led Development” (SAS), a project aimed at promoting “locally led development by bringing greater awareness to the international community of the multiple dynamics at play

Nuru Kenya Leads the Charge at the AMEA Global Convening in Nairobi, Kenya

One of the key components of the Nuru model to eradicate extreme poverty in fragile, rural areas is through investment in local farmer organizations that are self-sustaining. Our goal is to ensure that the farmers Nuru serves can compete in a dynamic agribusiness sector and contribute to their local economy, security, and resilience. This goal

InsideNGO Honors Elizabeth Atherton of Nuru International with 2016 Excellence Award in Finance

WASHINGTON, DC—InsideNGO honored Nuru International’s Director of Finance, Elizabeth Atherton, with its 2016 Excellence Award in Finance at its annual conference held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The InsideNGO Excellence Awards were established in 2010 to recognize professionals within the development sector who are innovating, collaborating and ensuring operational excellence within their organizations.

Jake Harriman Speaks at Devex World Opening Assembly

WASHINGTON, DC—Professionals from 200+ organizations will converge at The Mead Center for American Theater on June 14, 2016. The first global development event of its kind, Devex World is a full day of inspiring, interactive, collaborative sessions encouraging attendees to discover new technologies and innovations, build new partnerships and chart the future of global development. Devex covers the

Aerie Changala Presents at FHI 360 Summit on Integrated Development

WASHINGTON, DC—Nuru International is among the presenters at “Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts – The Power of Integration”, the first FHI 360 summit on integrated development centered on how to harness the power of multisector approaches in the Global Goals era. Moderated by JustActions Founder, Leith Greenslade, this interactive event on Monday, June 13,

Development Work That Makes a Lasting Impact

As my flight neared its destination, I tried to remember how I felt during my first descent into Addis ten years ago when it was not just my first trip to Ethiopia or Africa, but my first outside of the USA. I would spend a semester with Doane College professor, Betty Levitov, and 14 other

Favorite Childhood Books of Nuru Education Staff

As the world celebrates World Book and Copyright Day on Saturday, April 23rd, members of the Nuru Education team reflect on what books influenced them as children and why books are important to us all. What was your favorite book or series when you were a child? “My favorite storybook growing up was Things Fall

Growing up in a world with(out) storybooks #BookDay

One of my favorite book series when I was growing up was C.S. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia.” In these books, children from war-torn England were able to explore the magical land of Narnia with all sorts of creatures and places they had never seen. To me, these books presented a metaphor for many storybooks.

Maternal Health and Healthy Communities

The World Health Organization reports a shocking statistic: “Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.” If you counted up all of these moms, it’s the same as wiping out the entire population of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or Anchorage, Alaska or Cincinnati, Ohio in a year’s time. Even ONE family losing its

Nuru’s Role in Global Education: Reflections on CIES 2016

What do you get when you bring nearly 2,700 attendees from countries all over the world—representing international NGOs, ministries of education, academic institutions and for-profit educational companies—together in one place?  In one acronym: CIES. From March 6-10, Nuru attended the 60th annual meetings of the Comparative International Education Society (CIES) in Vancouver, B.C. Nuru’s focus

The Cost of Water

As Melinda Gates points out in the 2016 Gates Annual Letter, collecting, treating and using water is a large contributor to “time poverty”—the deprivation of opportunity because of the time spent attending to one’s basic needs. In most places in the US, clean drinkable water flows from the kitchen sink and even down the toilet