Annual Update

2016 Growth – Nuru Year in Review

Each year, as the year comes to an end, and we prepare for the year ahead, I carve out time to reflect on the growth of Nuru over the past twelve months. This year’s reflections come from a new location for me – Dallas, Texas. 2016 was a year of growth and exciting new changes

2015 Year in Review – Stay in the Fight

The world is wrestling with some very difficult challenges after this year. Global Challenges ISIS, Al Qaeda and their affiliates are daily growing in strength and number by preying on the desperation of impoverished nations and disenfranchisement of restless youth who are fed up with the world that has been handed down to them. In

Relentlessly Devoted to Farmer Family Health in 2015

In 2015, the Nuru Healthcare team was relentlessly devoted to helping farmer families prevent illness and move toward better health through positive behavior change. Nuru Healthcare is operating in remote, rural communities in two countries: Kenya, where we have operated for several years, and Ethiopia, where our program has just gotten under way. In Ethiopia,

Nuru Education: 2015 Year in Review

The past year has been a year of growth, iteration and achievement for Nuru Education. Nuru Kenya Education began completed its fourth year of outreach, while Nuru Ethiopia Education completed the Program Planning Process in July and launched its program in October. There were many highlights in both countries throughout the year. Nuru Kenya Nuru

Celebrating Nuru Ethiopia Leadership Team Success in 2014

What an amazing year. Looking back on everything that the team has worked through last year, we have had some incredible achievements. First of all, to speak broadly about the entire Nuru team, leadership development has been quickly on the rise. Having already created their programs and organizing the yearly rollout of activities, managers are

Looking Back…2014 Year in Review

Fighters. This is the word I would choose to describe my incredible team and their performance in 2014. The pursuit of the end of extreme poverty is a slugfest—a fight where the hopes, dreams, and lives of millions hang in the balance. It is a humanitarian crisis on a global scale that will affect all

Nuru Education Program: 2014 Year in Review

As I reflect on the year on my way out of Ethiopia, it’s amazing to think about the progress and accomplishments of Nuru’s Education Program during 2014. Here are just a few of the highlights: Kenya In Kenya, we are working with the most schools and students we ever have. We worked with 17 schools

Nuru Ethiopia Agriculture Program: Applying Lessons Learned in 2015

Nuru International emphasizes a learning approach in the design, planning, and execution of its programming. Periods of reflection and review afford the opportunity to revise, adapt, and iterate on the way we work. This blog speaks to an example of how the learning approach has been applied to the Agriculture Program in Ethiopia in planning

Nuru International’s Agriculture Program in 2014

As the Nuru International Agriculture Program launches operations in a new year, I find myself yet again pausing to contemplate plans for this year and to reflect on last year. Nuru International’s Agriculture Program is growing in area of operations and increasing the value proposition to farmers. Nuru Kenya’s Agriculture Program will serve thousands of

Nuru Kenya Leadership Program: Reflections on 2013

During this time of the year, it is only natural to look back and reflect on the accomplishments and challenges of the previous year. We reflect, regret, and realize how we have failed and where we’ve succeeded. In terms of the Leadership Program, there have definitely been a lot of challenges and some fantastic accomplishments.

2013 in Review

San Clemente, CA…what an epic place. Of all the crazy places in the world, I always seem to end up here at the end of each year. It is certainly a beautiful, peaceful place to reflect and be thankful for the many amazing people and blessings in my life. This time, as I sit here

Celebrating Nuru Team’s Progress in 2012

Looking back and reflecting is something I have never been that good at. The pace of my life over the past five years and the aggressiveness of what we are trying to achieve at Nuru keeps me running so fast that I seldom feel like I can pause, take a breath and take stock of

Renew and Renovate: Nuru International Healthcare’s New Year 2012

Christmas in July? Sure, a common idiom.  New Year’s in June, however, has less of a ring to it. But, after my recent return from the field I saw and felt a new invigoration in our team—perhaps the sparked light for which Nuru was named. Despite the fact that as an organization we operate on

2012: A New Year, A New Approach

Happy New Year everyone! When I arrived in September 2011, the Healthcare Program staff were functioning as trainers and supervisors for a cadre of government recognized Community Health Workers. As our team observed, we saw this approach was ineffective for reasons including; CHWs unmotivated to perform basic job duties (including home visiting and attending trainings),

2011 Year in Review: Growing Up

On New Year’s Eve this year, I found myself on the beach in San Clemente watching yet another beautiful sunset in SoCal – man I love this place!  While I sat there, I tracked the final hours of the 2011 Holiday Campaign with my phone.  As donations continued to trickle in and it became evident that