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A closer look at what makes Nuru different

The Nuru Model is distinctive in its development of a “Sustainability Engine” which employs 1) a leadership development program that restores agency to local leaders and equips them to build and scale poverty-fighting solutions long after the intentional exit of expatriate staff and 2) long term service delivery for all program interventions via farmer organizations or cooperatives.

After 5-7 years, Nuru leaves behind a completely self-sustaining impact model owned and operated by empowered local leaders that then expands to additional regions.

The Nuru International Model

The Nuru Model not only improves livelihoods, but also builds resilience in the communities where it works as well as among the local staff Nuru trains.

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Model Highlights

  • Locally-Led

    The best solutions to the problem of extreme poverty come from within the community. Nuru has helped establish successful local organizations in Kenya and Ethiopia and has been able to directly impact thousands of farmers, helping them move from subsistence to farming as a business enterprise. Nuru has helped these farmers build dozens of viable businesses to help connect them to the global market.

  • Climate Change

    Nuru works together with farming communities to identify nutritious crops that can also be sold commercially. It then trains farmers in best agronomic practices to ensure higher crop yields and farms that will continue to produce over time to build resilience in both households and communities.

  • Exit Strategy

    Nuru knows that if an intervention really works, our presence will not be needed in a community forever. From day one, Nuru works to develop and strengthen the capacities of local communities so we can work ourselves out of a job and leave communities better than we found them.

  • Impact

    Nuru helps farmers chart a path out of extreme poverty by helping them improve crop yields, increase income, and build sustainable businesses.

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