Where We Work

Locations where Nuru has implemented its approach as well as future areas for scaling

Nuru works to eradicate extreme poverty among vulnerable rural farmer communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nuru achieves this goal by transitioning vulnerable smallholder farmers from subsistence to professionalized farming as a business. Nuru builds enabling environments with support structures in place to de-risk the investment landscape, increase the quality and quantity of produce, and support emerging local leaders. Nuru’s work is focused on the continent of Africa in both East Africa and the Sahel. While Nuru staff technically work for separate and distinct locally-run organizations based in various countries, we all operate under a shared vision to cultivate lasting meaningful choices in the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in the world.


Nuru first started working in southwestern Kenya in September 2008, testing its approach and refining its learnings as it exited its expatriate staff team in June 2015.

Nuru Kenya


As Nuru was preparing for exit in Kenya, it started a second effort in the southern highlands of Ethiopia in 2013. Nuru’s small expat team worked alongside its Ethiopian counterparts until its planned exit of expatriate staff in summer 2018.

Nuru Ethiopia
group of women smiling and laughing


Nuru began working in northeastern Nigeria in the summer of 2018, and co-created programs with local Nigerian staff that began being implemented in summer 2019.

Nuru Nigeria

The Sahel

Nuru has plans to expand its efforts across the Sahel region of Africa to help marginalized farmer populations in the region who are especially vulnerable to the combined effects of both violent extremist organizations and climate change. Nuru’s forward-looking mission is to build resilience corridors by eradicating poverty and unlocking economic potential within fragile communities in the Sahel to stop the spread of violent extremism by 2030.

Our Future Vision in the Sahel