Ending extreme poverty
at the nexus of
security and development.

Nuru International’s mission is to eradicate extreme poverty in fragile rural areas to build communities resilient to violent extremism.

How We’re Different


A bunch of Westerners with good ideas can’t end extreme poverty — only gifted, equipped and envisioned local leaders can. We identify and train local leaders to design and implement solutions to their community’s needs.

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Focus: Remote, Rural Areas

Of the 1.6 billion people living in extreme poverty in our world today, 85% of them live in remote, rural areas. We’re committed to reaching those living in the most isolated, impoverished places on earth.

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Many nonprofit organizations focus on meeting a single need like drilling wells or building schools. We believe that the only way to end extreme poverty is to address the 4 basic needs of a community.

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Our award-winning Monitoring and Evaluation Team ensures that we’re making a lasting, positive impact. Our Financial Team and independent auditor protect the sacred trust between our donors and our work.

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“With Nuru, my life has improved in ways that you can’t believe.”

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