You believe in hope. We make that hope a reality.

Our Vision A world without cycles of unjust poverty where resilience and hope are cultivated in the most marginalized communities.

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Nuru Kenya, Woman Farmer, 2014

Invest in Hope

She deserves to pursue a better life.

You make this possible.

Together, we cultivate meaningful choices in vulnerable communities facing the most challenging environments.

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The Nuru Collective

We are globally connected and locally rooted. We take pride in our collaborative approach to cultivate hope and lasting resilience in marginalized places.

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Compounding Problems of Poverty

Like you, we believe cycles of injustice are meant to be broken. We believe that all people deserve to make meaningful choices about their lives regardless of where they were born.

At Nuru, we address global food insecurity at the source by working with some of the world’s most marginalized rural communities. These communities are exceptionally vulnerable to poverty, conflict, and climate change. We equip both communities and individuals to build resilience and prosperity through sustainable agricultural businesses.

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Nuru, 2023

Why Nuru?

We are committed to building resilience by helping communities unlock their economic potential.

The Nuru Model

Nuru is a collective of organizations united by a mission to create lasting community prosperity, resilient families, and sustainable food systems.

Approach & Values

We value our diversity and understand that no two communities are the same. We approach challenges with nimble flexibility, anticipating changing circumstances. We confront failure to optimize our efficiency and impact. We don’t back down from ever-evolving obstacles.

Our Team

Nuru Collective staff work for separate and distinct locally-led organizations and are united under a shared mission.

Our Story

In 2007, generous people like you equipped Nuru to launch with a few hundred people in rural Kenya. Today, we have grown to reach over a third of a million people across five countries.

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Nuru Kenya, Farmer Group, 2014

Our People

You know local leadership matters. For something to be lasting, it needs to be local. Locally-owned. Locally-led. We champion local leaders who meet community members where they are.

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Nuru Ethiopia, Ermais and Family, 2014


Nuru's work with agribusinesses, putting agricultural value chains to work to boost incomes for people experiencing extreme poverty is exactly the kind of possibility-shifting investment that the Dovetail Impact Foundation is proud to support. At both the country and the global support level, we see Nuru exemplifying strong servant leadership, putting their skills and resources in service of communities in often-overlooked geographies.

Sam Battistoli
Investment Director, Dovetail Impact Foundation
Nuru has a razor-sharp focus on enabling people who face systemic barriers to move from subsistence farming to agriculture as a sustainable business. This model for economic growth helps to improve individual livelihoods as well as drive overall resilience for communities in times of crisis. We believe programs like Nuru help communities chart their own paths for long-term success.

Job Change
Associate Program Officer, Helmsley Charitable Trust
Before joining the cooperative with the support of Nuru, I was surrounded with many life hardships. [...] Now, let alone to myself, I can even support others. I feel confident to present myself in front of others. [...] My house is full now, and I don’t have big problems. I am leading a good life due to the support and education I received from the cooperative.

Farmer, Nuru Ethiopia


  • Why is your organization named Nuru? What does that mean?

    Nuru is a Kiswahili word meaning light or hope. As an organization, we aim to inspire hope in marginalized communities that experience systemic injustices and the compounding issues of instability and poverty. To learn more about our approach, click here.

  • What is extreme poverty?

    The World Bank defines extreme poverty as the state of a person living on less than $2.15 per day. Rates of extreme poverty have steadily fallen over the years; however, COVID and its resulting inflation, climate change, and conflict all threaten the progress that we have made as a global community.

  • Is Nuru a 501(c)3?

    Yes, Nuru is a US-based 501(c)(3) organization and all Nuru local organizations are legally registered within their respective countries. All donations to Nuru are tax-deductible, and Nuru’s tax ID is 26-1250716. Nuru is a Better Business Bureau accredited charity, has received a seal of excellence from America’s Best Charities, and holds a platinum seal of transparency from Candid.

  • What is the Nuru Collective?

    The Nuru Collective is a global team of organizations united under the vision of breaking cycles of unjust poverty and cultivating resilience and hope in the most marginalized communities. The Nuru Collective is made up of Nuru, a US-based 501(c)(3) organization, and local organizations that share the Nuru name (e.g. Nuru Kenya). These locally-led Nuru organizations are each independent and locally registered in their respective countries. They are also interdependent in sharing the global Nuru brand identity. Nuru (US) serves as the initial launch partner and funder to establish a new Nuru organization in a country or region. Nuru (US) serves to strengthen capacities, and support as a strategic thought partner, fundraiser, and member of the global Nuru Collective.