International Day for the Eradication of Poverty With Nuru Kenya

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty With Nuru Kenya

MIGORI COUNTY, KENYA—In commemoration of the upcoming International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17, 2015, Nuru Kenya is hosting a gathering at the office of the Mabera Division District Officer on October 9, 2015 starting at 9:00 AM EAT. This event is open to the community. Nuru Kenya has extended invitations to Nuru farmers, its staff members and the following guests:

  • Governor and Deputy Governor of Migori County
  • Member of Parliament for Kuria West Constituency
  • Migori County Women Representative
  • Migori County Commissioners and Assistant County Commissioners
  • Ministries of Agriculture, Health, Education and the Department of Social Services
  • Opinion Leaders, Ward Representatives, Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs from Migori County
  • Public School Head Teachers
  • Other NGOs in the region, including World Vision, Child Fund Kenya and Action Aid
  • Corporate sponsors, including Equity Bank and Kenya Commercial Bank

During the event, Nuru Kenya Country Director Pauline Wambeti will give an address encompassing the following topics:

  • Commend the community for their increased participation in Nuru’s unique poverty reduction interventions
  • Recognize strides made through poverty reduction efforts in the development of the region, notablythe use of modern farming techniques and the adoption of 7 of the 10 healthy behaviors identified as key in ensuring maternal and child health
  • Inform the community members on pertinent issues affecting progress of implementation, including regional saturation of Agriculture Program and scaling of Financial Inclusion, Healthcare and Education Programs
  • Promote the 2016 diversified agricultural loan input package
  • Announce regional scaling to Kuria East

This event will serve as a forum for Nuru Kenya to solicit feedback on community expectations; open up community dialogue to discuss development issues; and advocate to stakeholders for continued collaboration.

“This day provides a good opportunity to celebrate our achievements while assessing the shortfalls in the fight against extreme poverty in this region,” says Nuru Kenya Country Director Pauline Wambeti. “There are still families in our community struggling to feed, educate and keep their households healthy. We shall be deliberating how to ensure our resources are allocated fairly and utilized prudently and sustainably. It is no longer an individual concern but our collective responsibility to design and adopt lasting solutions to improve our life situations.”

Since 2009, Nuru Kenya has enabled over 78,000 people to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Musa Rioba, a Nuru Kenya farmer from Gosebe, Kehancha Division, shares his thoughts on joining Nuru and attending last year’s event: ”My parents died a long time ago and I was left to take care of my siblings,” says Musa. “Life was so difficult for me until when Nuru came in, I joined the organization as a farmer. I have so far benefitted from their loan package which has made our family lack no food at all! I was so pleased when they invited me to celebrate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. I was so happy when they gave me a t-shirt and a jembe [farming hoe] for being a role model. They told me that they were proud of me as their farmer.”

Both Equity Bank and Kenya Commercial Bank are corporate event sponsors, providing refreshments for the event. As this is the second annual event, Nuru Kenya is expecting 1000 people to attend.

About Nuru Kenya

Nuru Kenya is a sustainable community development project of Nuru International, a U.S.-based social venture on a mission to end extreme poverty in remote, rural areas. Nuru Kenya delivers high touch, holistic programming – in Agriculture, Financial  Inclusion, Healthcare and Education – to engage all household members in building resilience and ending intergenerational poverty.

For more information, visit, like, follow @IAmNuru on Twitter and contact:

Kim Do
Strategic Communications Director[at]nuruinternational[dot]org
949-667-0796, x904

About Kim Do

Kim served Nuru International for eight years in marketing, branding, communications and special events. She counts it an honor to spend the best hours of her day fighting to end extreme poverty. Follow her on Twitter at @bykimdo

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