Nuru’s Community Economic Development (CED) program was honored at the Mifos Summit, in October of 2013, with the award for the most innovative Micro Finance Institution (MFI) sponsored by Mifos and Google. The presenters noted Nuru’s use of financial inclusion, as well as other programs, in working to eradicate extreme poverty in an innovative and holistic way as the motivation for the award. The CED program has worked to focus on savings as a way for Nuru farmers to protect their income and build a safety net in case of potential economic shocks. With technology such as Mifos, CED is able to ensure a reliable database of information to use in tandem with other technologies that have helped to make the program more efficient. With the ongoing support of Mifos, CED will continue to look for new and innovative ways to reach those living in rural and impoverished areas to engage and work to bring an end to extreme poverty.