Today Nuru International’s visual essay How Nuru Works was featured on Motionographer, the world’s premier motion graphics and visual effects website. Nuru’s Bjorn Amundsen wrote, designed, directed and animated the piece in collaboration with Nuru’s media team.

When asked about his reaction to seeing How Nuru Works on the Motionographer website, Bjorn replied, “I was shocked and humbled. It felt really good that our work was honored in this way.” Bjorn continued, “To be featured on Motionographer is one of the most prestigious things you could ever achieve as a motion designer (a graphic designer, editor or animator who sets graphics to motion). It was one of my careers goals.”

It is almost unheard of that a humanitarian organization’s media be featured as some of the best work in the industry. However, Nuru has extremely high standards.

“This provides Nuru Media with legitimate recognition for the work they’re doing,” Amundsen said.  “It’s not like, ‘Just look at what this nonprofit is doing,’ but this is a stamp of approval from the gold standard of the professional community.”

When asked what Nuru’s future media goals may be, Bjorn answered, “We want to continue to do great work that could be featured on [Motionographer’s] website, ideally in their cream of the crop section. We’d also love to see other production companies partner with us to create even better work so that industry professionals and the world at large can learn about Nuru and join together with us to end exteme poverty.”

Sound design for How Nuru Works donated by Tim Anderson of 4K. Voice over by Laura Changala.