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Nuru International is humbled that a number of well respected blogs, websites, and magazines have written about our work in 2010. Here is a sampling of what’s being said about us:

“Nuru’s mission is simple but ambitious: end extreme poverty and, as a direct result, contribute to ending terrorism.”

“[Nuru is] an organization becoming the ‘general contractor of the NGO sector.’”
-The Huffington Post

“Nuru develops partnerships with other respected NGOs to…address the greatest needs in each area.”
-Relevant Magazine

“Their first two interventions have performed spectacularly…. [Nuru’s] model promises to finally provide a scaleable model for holistic development.”
-Mulago Foundation (Arnhold Rainer Fellows)

“Focusing on training people in these five key areas…creates empowerment and results.”
-U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Magazine

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