Locus Extends First Ever Associate Membership to Nuru International

Locus Extends First Ever Associate Membership to Nuru International

Locus is a new initiative dedicated to finding new solutions to development challenges, focusing on integrated approaches to development and a search for evidence-based, local solutions. Through shared research, pilot projects, global forums, publications, academic courses and a virtual knowledge hub, Locus aims to change the way the international development community approaches funding and implementation. Its founding members include Africa Capacity Alliance, Aga Khan Foundation USA, FHI 360, International Rescue Committee, Pact and SNV USA.

The coalition, comprised of nongovernmental organizations, foundations and consulting firms,  unanimously extended its first ever Associate Membership to Nuru International. Associate Members are involved with Locus in a meaningful, ongoing way and collaborate with at least one Core Partner on a relevant project. Associate Members regularly contribute to the Locus knowledge base by attending annual meetings, organizing or speaking at Locus events and participating in one or more Locus working groups.

“The way Nuru addresses extreme poverty is by co-creating solutions with local leaders and then mentoring those leaders to implement integrated programs within their community,” says Aerie Changala, Director of International Operations for Nuru International. “Nuru is especially honored to become the first ever Associate Member of the Locus initiative because of our philosophical alignment around the importance of designing and delivering integrated, locally-led, sustainable solutions. With scarce resources and overwhelming need, the fight to end extreme poverty cannot be won alone. Collaboration will be the key to scaling cost-effective, integrated impact to the 1.6 billion people living in extreme poverty.”

A landmark initiative, Locus plans to establish a research agenda for integrated approaches that helps eliminate funding silos, identify shared approaches to measurement and opportunities for scaling-up, provide evidence-based recommendations to share with influencers and policy makers worldwide and drive adoption of locally-owned, integrated solutions. For more information, visit and read A road map to transforming lives by Mark Viso via Devex.

About Kim Do

Kim served Nuru International for eight years in marketing, branding, communications and special events. She counts it an honor to spend the best hours of her day fighting to end extreme poverty. Follow her on Twitter at @bykimdo

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