Nuru International is pleased to announce that renowned film composer Tyler Bates has created an original score for the Nuru’s short film, The End (Jake’s Story).

The sought-after composer, best known for his work on blockbusters 300 and The Watchmen, has created an evocative score that highlights the story of Jake Harriman, CEO of Nuru International.

Bates became involved with Nuru after hearing a little about Jake’s story.

“Once I learned about Jake’s background – his service to our country, and the events that inspired him to form Nuru and dedicate himself entirely to this campaign, I became very excited about the opportunity to be part of introducing this tremendous organization to the world.”

Bates has over 15 years experience in the music industry and is one of Hollywood’s most sought after composers with over 50 films under his belt. When asked why he felt compelled to work with Nuru, he said, “…He [Jake] exemplifies the urgency of taking action on behalf of humanity in the most humble yet assertive way possible. I was beyond impressed with his military experience in war-torn and impoverished places in the world.”

Created in-house by Nuru’s media team, The End (Jake’s Story) is the compelling story of how one man can lead a small army of people to take action to end extreme poverty and end terrorism. The compelling footage engages the viewer to act, to become part of a revolution.

“I think the piece not only expresses the dire need for people to take action by supporting Nuru and other humanitarian organizations, but also emotionally engages the viewer enough to make you really think about the lives we live, as well as the dire condition of many people on the planet. I truly hope this video inspires each person who sees it to do just one thing to help someone in serious need, or to just contribute to making the world a better place.”

Joining Bates in the creation of his original score is acclaimed Hindustani vocalist Chaitra H.G., and other world-class musicians donated their time and talents as well. “I couldn’t have done it without the soulful contribution by Chaitra H.G.,” said Bates. “My good friend Brian Cachia played drums, which were recorded by Gustavo Borner at Igloo Studios in Burbank, California. My long-time friend and colleague Wolfgang Matthes mixed the music.”

Download an mp3 of Tyler Bates’ original score.


The End is the story of Nuru International CEO Jake Harriman. Jake served over seven years as a Platoon Commander in both the infantry and an elite unit of the Marines called Force Recon. After completing two tours of duty in Iraq (receiving the Bronze Star for actions in Combat) and fighting the war on terror all around the world, Jake came to the realization that the only chance we have of ending terrorism is to end extreme poverty. Jake left the Marines and enrolled at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and with the help of his classmates, professors and some Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists, Jake formed Nuru International.