What’s next for Nuru Kenya?

What’s next for Nuru Kenya?

As we, the local staff of Nuru Kenya, prepared for the departure of our expatriate team earlier this month, we worked hard to answer the many questions that go along with the uncertainty of exit. Over the last year, we have been working to develop elaborate strategic plans and roadmaps that will bring our vision to fruition – specifically our next milestone of regional scaling.

Having achieved our target saturation rate in Kuria West sub-county early in 2015, Nuru Kenya is planning to scale-up our interventions into the neighboring Kuria East sub-county in January 2016. Certainly, the going will be tougher as we venture into a more remote and marginalized part of the country.

We are geared up for the inherent challenges that lie ahead. After almost seven years of working in Kuria West, my team understands our communities better and has proven competence in creating positive attributable impact through four key interventions. Through our acquired expertise, we are best placed to lead ourselves and our communities out of extreme poverty. We are keen on ensuring our interventions are community owned, driven and sustained.

Our immediate plans are to rollout an elaborate strategy that entails graduating our farmers out of extreme poverty and mobilizing them into co-operatives to ensure we sustain and scale the impact we have achieved through establishing and strengthening functional structural mechanisms.

As we soldier on, we take pride in our greatest advantage: that of now being quite surefooted about our unique, proven poverty reduction model!

About Pauline Wambeti

Nuru Kenya Managing Director — Pauline Wambeti believes in “not waiting for other people to make the changes for us, but to make the changes ourselves.” Having invested over 15 years in community development in Kenya, Pauline is currently the Managing Director for Nuru Kenya. Prior to joining Nuru, Pauline worked for the United Nations Environment’s Regional office for Africa-Nairobi. She has been a Programme Officer for the National Organization for Peer Educators; a Business Development Officer for K-Rep Bank Ltd and, a Program Facilitator for Doctors of the World. Pauline has studied Social Work and Community Development in addition to post-graduate studies in Development Studies and Project Management. She is a 2018 East Africa Acumen Fellow.

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