What a great title for a TV show. Seriously. I can’t believe that flew, but I’m so happy that it did. I like thinking of it un-ironically (yes, you “irony” sticklers, I do definitely tend to use that word incorrectly) or un-rhetorically. Like, it’s a real question: What IS happening now? That is how I mean it in the title of this blog post.

We are gearing up for a little two-week holiday shutdown. It starts next week. Honestly, it’s a nice break for us. The team members in the field have already started their breaks, and are away from the project site as of this past Monday. David and Janine are traveling around beautiful India. Others are back home in the States, and still others have remained on the continent of Africa, but are in locations different from Western Kenya.

Last week’s post by Jamie was a great explanation as to what exactly the household survey we just conducted was all about. It will be completed with all the data entered by early next week. David will be analyzing the data in early January, and we’ll all discuss it after he returns from his break around the 20th of January.

At that time we (by “we” I mean Jamie, David, myself and perhaps a few other folks if we can get them into the conversation like program managers and Jennifer) will also discuss all the other programs and their metrics. Here is a quick update:

  • Education is using the Uwezo tool to measure literacy for students. We are working on a study design for this program. We need to know when and how frequently to test literacy rates. We also need to discuss how to assess Education’s other metrics
  • Agriculture has gathered a lot of data for all of the enrolled farmers in the Master Ag Doc. We will spend time in January cleaning that data and getting it analysis-ready. We will then determine what else we need to gather and how. Maybe a phone survey of Nuru members
  • CED is much like Ag. A lot of good data has been gathered in their Master file. The next step is to assess that data and see what else needs to be gathered. Again, perhaps a phone survey of Nuru members
  • As you know, Healthcare and WatSan data has been gathered in the HH survey. We’ll analyze it in January
  • Leadership is our most in-flux program, which is not surprising as it’s the newest. Chelsea and Jamie are working together to nail down the program’s categories for its logic model. Metrics likely to come in January

So. I’m going to Kenya in January. Did I mention that? Well, I am. I’ll be there for a week in the 2nd half of the month. I’ll work directly with David and I hope also Jennifer, and even Troy who will also be there. It will be a great week. We’ll nail down a lot of the above Program Metric issues.

Also, tomorrow the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is voting on the Ethiopia expansion decision. It’s a big deal! We’ll be just putting our 2-cents in as to whether it is something we think we should pursue next year. More on that, of course, to come.

Happy holidays!