After nearly a year in development, I am are very excited to announce the launch of the Nuru Salesforce database for the CED program!

The Salesforce database supports CED operations by effectively organizing the details of CED membership, group savings account transactions, and individual loan applications and payments into one system. Custom reports can quickly summarize these details to help identify potential issues such as overdue loans, inactive savings groups, or other monitoring information for the program.

The custom design of Salesforce and the ability for M&E staff at Nuru to act as the system  administrator and troubleshoot issues is a welcome increase in system flexibility. This means that CED can innovate on loan design, and make data adjustments to ensure data quality is maintained. We are currently hiring for a database administrator to add to the M&E staff in Kenya.

The database is online, making it accessible to both staff in Kenya and in the U.S. We are looking forward to expanding the use of the Salesforce database to the Agriculture and Leadership programs over the next few months, as well as to programs in Ethiopia.

Many thanks to Derek, Kiran, and George at RedPoint Solutions for developing the custom database for Nuru, and to Elias, Norah, and the CED team in Kenya for all their work cleaning and preparing data for the launch!