Nuru Kenya Senior Leadership Transition

Within this update, Mwita Babere, Nuru Kenya Human Resources Manager, discusses upcoming changes in leadership and how the goal remains constant – focused on ending extreme poverty in rural impoverished communities. Below, Mwita shares more about the transitions happening in Nuru Kenya.

It has been 5 years since the first seed of Nuru International was planted in Kenya. Nuru Kenya has since continued to change the lives of the people in the communities we serve and the impact of our work has been evident through reports produced by our Monitoring and Evaluation department. Our unique integrated, scalable and sustainable model has, over the years, helped us to equip farmers in rural communities of Kuria West with the knowledge, skills and resources to make and implement good choices in their lives. Our philosophy of servant leadership has guided our leaders in their relentless effort to provide services to the community. It is with humility that we say Nuru Kenya’s efforts to end extreme poverty in rural impoverished communities has been so remarkable and we hope to continue reaching out to more and more vulnerable people throughout the entire country of Kenya.

For the five years of Nuru Kenya’s existence, we have enjoyed the leadership of our esteemed Executive Director, Mr. Philip Mohochi. Through his wisdom and experience, he has worked so hard to ensure that Nuru’s model is implemented in the most efficient and effective way. As an organization we are privileged to have had such a distinguished and committed leader work with us, his words of wisdom shall forever guide us in our relentless effort to serve the poor.

This year our senior leadership will undergo a transition; effective the 1st of July Philip Mohochi will be retiring as an Executive Director, however we are further blessed that he will remain a critical leader to us in his position on the Nuru Kenya Board. We are so excited to have two talented, experienced and committed leaders join our senior leadership team. Pauline Wambeti who shall assume the role of Executive Director has been our Impact Programs manager and for the short period of time that she has worked in that position, our Impact Programs have enhanced their effectiveness in service delivery. Pauline has an extensive background in the NGO and private sector, joining us now from her last position with the United Nations. Francis Kizito, who will be assuming the role of Deputy Executive Director, has been our Finance and Administration Manager. Francis has worked hard to integrate our finance systems in the most efficient and effective way. Francis has a deep background in finance and administration, most recently working in Angola directing a multi-million dollar budget for Aggreko International. The new Directors will embark on their new assignment starting June this year, we believe in them and very optimistic in their ability to lead the committed and talented Nuru Kenya team. We also wish to introduce our new Impact Programs Manager, Bennedette Mugita who will be taking over from Pauline and we are delighted to have her join us in our senior leadership team and wish her all the best.

The work of our Program Managers has also, been amazing. This group of professionals works tirelessly to help implement Nuru Kenya interventions in the communities that we serve. They from time to time interact directly with the community members and needless to say they all have a story to tell about the people they serve. To serve your community is a “privilege” rather than an “entitlement” this ideology has been guiding our managers as they deliver their services, their level of commitment and enthusiasm to serve is ever increasing. We owe our success to this special group of people and we are privileged to have them lead our programs.

Even as we experience this major change in our senior leadership we still remain focused to our goal of ending extreme poverty in rural impoverished communities, as our dream we remain steadfast and work tirelessly to make it come true. We are all working to achieve something that is much bigger than ourselves and what we do however little it is, affects the life of the poor in our communities. We welcome you all to join us in our fight.

About Alex Martin

Team Leader, Kenya — Alex graduated with distinction from the US Naval Academy and went on to lead infantry, reconnaissance, and special operations units in multiple combat deployments. In July 2013, Alex was given the opportunity to join the Nuru family and to serve as a Foundation Team Leader in Kenya.

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