Since joining Nuru I have had to field a lot of questions about the specific function of the Leadership Program. Many people have assumed that the Leadership Program’s function is to perform training duties as part of the Human Resources Department. In fact, the Leadership Program is one of the two sustainability programs and as such, it is our program’s responsibility to develop leaders who can empower communities and overcome challenges in their programs as they arise. As our impact programs continue to grow, there has been an obvious need for a new training manager to provide our leaders with in-depth program management training, which would ensure the sustainability of all programs.

As a result of this need, the Leadership Program is very excited to welcome Robert Kihara Ndiritu as Nuru Kenya’s new Senior Training Manager. Prior to joining the Leadership team, Robert was the Training Manager for Nuru Kenya’s Healthcare program, where he designed and implemented the Continuous Capacity Building Trainings. While with Healthcare, Robert also created a training managers forum, which worked on capacity building for other Nuru trainers. He brings over four years of training experience combined with a passion for empowering those living in extreme poverty. In addition, he possesses a sound understanding of the servant leadership philosophy. Robert believes that servant leaders must exhibit selflessness and humility, which he consistently incorporates into his trainings and lessons. These values, coupled with his extensive training experience, will definitely make him a valuable addition to the Leadership team.

As the new Senior Training Manager, one of Robert’s main responsibilities will be to design and facilitate Nuru Kenya’s level 2 training series. This training series came about as a result of our programs’ continued growth and Nuru’s commitment to leadership sustainability. As programs grew, their staff and their program leaders began to encounter new and unprecedented challenges. Having the ability to adapt to these challenges and create local solutions is necessary to ensure the sustainability of Nuru Kenya’s impact programs. This next level training series will begin in 2014 and will focus on equipping our Nuru Kenya program leaders with program management skills that will enable them to adapt to program challenges and continue to provide a positive impact for those living in extreme poverty. It is a big milestone for the Leadership program and will mark the next step in our goal of leadership sustainability.

According to Robert:

“A house is only as strong as its framework. The Leadership program is key in that it creates and strengthens the framework upon which the community’s development is anchored. Through capacity building, the Leadership Program has continuously been able to help local leaders identify the existing problems and then design, implement, and replicate local solutions. Leadership is definitely key to the sustainability of Nuru.”

As a sustainability program, it is our duty to ensure that leaders are able to adapt to challenging circumstances. Robert’s passion for training, educational background, and constant representation of the servant leadership values will ensure that Nuru Kenya’s staff will be well-equipped to handle any future program challenge.

In addition to designing the Level 2 training, Robert will also be responsible for mentoring other Nuru trainers. For Robert, mentoring and coaching is a vital element of the Leadership model. In Robert’s words, “I look forward to growing the Learning and Development function in Nuru Kenya to a level where it will be a resource for other Nuru projects elsewhere as well as other organizations in community development.”

Robert’s positive, pragmatic approach to training combined with his passion for the Nuru mission make him a welcome addition to the Leadership team. As Nuru Kenya continues to grow and more challenges arise, the Senior Training Manager (along with the rest of the Leadership staff) will make sure that all Nuru staff are equipped with the skills necessary to overcome these challenges. We are beyond thrilled to welcome Robert onboard and excited to see how he will contribute to the sustainability of the Nuru model.