How Banchi Helped 154 Nuru Farmer Households

How Banchi Helped 154 Nuru Farmer Households

The Leadership Program equips Nuru leaders to identify the needs of the community; design solutions to address those needs; and effectively and efficiently implement and scale solutions.

What is Servant Leadership?

Servant leadership is an approach to leadership that focuses on humbly serving those one leads and putting the needs of others before yourself. Servant leaders treat others with authentic respect and work to help them achieve their fullest potential and goals.

The Leadership Program conducts servant leadership training and ongoing workshops for all Nuru teams, highlighting these character traits:

  • Be together with your people
  • Lead by example
  • Apologize for mistakes
  • Treat all people equally
  • Speak when something is wrong
  • Do what is right when facing difficulties
  • Don’t waste resources
  • Represent your team well
  • Sacrifice for your people
  • Seek to understand

Servant Leader Spotlight

Banchiyirga “Banchi” Beyene Mentumo is a Nuru Ethiopia (NE) Agriculture Field Officer. Banchi started with NE during the first Program Planning Process in 2013 and has grown into an exemplary servant leader. She works closely with her cohort of farmers—always without complaint. She has shown her willingness to sacrifice for the 154 farmers she serves, even spending part of her holidays and days off in her farmers’ fields to ensure proper agronomic practices are being followed. As a result, her farmers had a successful harvest in their first season farming with Nuru. Thanks to servant leaders like Banchi, households are coming out of extreme poverty in Boreda Woreda.

About Thomas Hong

Leadership Program Director — Thomas has worked in education and leadership development in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Mongolia and Uzbekistan. He holds a B.A. in Economics and master’s degree in teaching from the University of Virginia and an MBA in international organizations from the University of Geneva.

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