The Nuru Foundation Team returned to Kenya in mid-January and we’ve been running 100 mph ever since.  A lot happened in the first couple weeks back on the ground:

– I finished a report documenting pretty much everything I did in the first 3 months here and the water and sanitation needs we’ve seen and heard. This is the baseline report, and it’s essential to our measurement and evaluation system.

– 450 people learned simple, life-saving water treatment and hand washing practices from their neighbors and community experts: the Nuru trained water/sanitation representatives.

– Nuru water/sanitation representatives are reporting widespread adoption of the practices taught during training. Families throughout Kuria are grateful that they are no longer getting sick.

– Clean Start for Water Day initiatives were coordinated at 30 local water sources by water/sanitation representatives. Over 400 Nuru members participated in digging drainage ditches, clearing brush and improving safety at their water source.

– We selected potential deep well locations for the first phase of our “Water for Schools” project.

– We completed the hydrogeology study – basically analyzing the rock and water below ground to confirm good spots for deep wells.

– Lucas and I selected 5 people who we will train to lead the water/sanitation program along with Lucas long after I’m gone.

It’s good to be back in Kenya. I feel alive, healthy and euphoric about what’s coming up in the water/sanitation program and glad to be back to bloggin’ about it!