As Nuru works to end extreme poverty in remote rural areas, it is the people who make all the difference. In this series introducing the Healthcare Program’s Field Managers, we will see examples of the dedication that makes it possible to positively impact the lives of the Nuru farmers and their families.

First we will meet Juma Marwa, the Field Manager in Mabera Division. When I interviewed Juma, we were sitting on the porch at Nuru’s regional training center, where he told me in his own words how he came to work at Nuru.


“First, when I finished high school, my career was all about [becoming] a civil engineer. I had even received a letter. But unfortunately something happened at home and there was an accident. When I came from the hospital and got home, I found that someone had taken the money I had raised for college. I was totally discouraged and was brought back to square one to begin a new life. By that time, I heard about Nuru. There were people who came to our village to let us know that Nuru needed people to work with them to eradicate extreme poverty from our community and I was like – now, being that I am at square one, I should look for some ideas. When I heard about Nuru and their mission of eradicating extreme poverty for people, I decided that come what may, I have to join and work with these people.

I applied, [but] I did not qualify at that time for the first position I applied to in 2009. I did not lose hope.  Nuru wrote me a letter that I could join as a farmer, and that a farmer could improve their living standard. I was a good farmer, and had been farming all my life, so I joined as a Nuru farmer. We were the first to start farming in the Mabera Division. At that time, Healthcare was training heath representatives in farmer groups, and I was appointed health representative.

Among the health reps in the Mabera Division, I was recognized as the best. A position came up for a Nuru Healthcare Field Officer (FO) in Isibania Division and I got the job. I was doing home visits and I stood out as a strong FO and then was promoted to a post as Field Manager in Mabera. I worked as Healthcare FO from Feb 21, 2011 to September, 2011.

I was trained with new ideas and new ways to prevent problems with diseases. We can celebrate together saving the life of a child or a person. I am proud when someone calls to thank me for helping to improve their life and their health. That has made me want to work with the HC program for a long time.”

It is a pleasure to work with Juma. He is energetic and positive, always ready to think critically about issues affecting the Nuru farmers and find the best solutions. Juma is well respected by the Healthcare FO he works with, and provides support and supervision to them with enthusiasm.