Curiosity and Creativity the Nuru R&D Program Begins

As we are gearing up to start the R&D program, I thought it would be nice to share this inspirational video of our field manager’s six year old son, Abedi. One branch of the R&D program is product design, which will require a lot of empathy and creativity from our staff. Abedi shows us just how it’s done in this video. His curiosity, combined with an old bottle and lollipop stick, turns into a fully-functioning handwashing station.   I think Dave Kelley would be pretty proud of this little guy. He doesn’t worry about what people will think, or if he’s “creative” enough to pull this off. He just allows his own imagination to go free. However, this kind of creativity, as my colleague has written about in the Education program, is not particularly encouraged in this community. It’s something we hope to change.

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