Wednesday night we were at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. We had about 75 people in attendance at our event in the Wolff Auditorium in the building that houses Gonzaga’s School of Business Administration. A couple of professors actually made attendance to our event mandatory for their classes.

Throughout the presentation, the BH2O+ sign up sheet went around the auditorium. And it seemed that everyone was signing up to be a participant and/or part of the planning team. At the conclusion of the event, there seemed to be a buzz of excitement among the students and professors.

One student in particular, Michael, came up to me and told me that he has been training for the Whidbey Island Marathon in April. I know a good number of people who have run marathons, but every time I hear of someone setting such a goal, I am inspired because of the dedication it takes to train for and compete in a marathon.  He then shared that he has decided to use that experience to raise money for Nuru. Wow that is even more inspiring!

Michael will join many of my friends who have already completed marathons to help support Nuru.

He turned to his professor to tell him what he had decided to do and said it is so cool to be able to help an organization that is doing so much good in the world. I continue to be humbled by the many incredible stories that we have the privilege of carrying with us throughout this tour.   

I am so excited to hear what creative ideas Michael comes up with to share the Nuru story and raise money through this marathon.

Good luck on April 11th Michael!