You spend how much time on facebook?

Facebook has played a major roll in my Nuru story. I actually heard about Nuru for the first time on facebook from my friend and boss, Grassroots Movement Director Billy Williams. Today facebook again has impacted my life. A friend suggested that I become friends with this guy from Chicago. I thought very little of it so I gladly accepted the new friend.
My new friend’s name is Abe Bol. Abe is one of 20,000 Sudanese boys who escaped the civil war in the late 80’s who have become known as the Lost Boys. Abe is incredible. We asked him to tell us his story and he said that it would take a whole day to tell the entire story.  He did, however, tell us that he had travelled with a stranger from Sudan at age three to Ethiopia and then on to Kenya in 1992. He also said that his life was hard.
I usually am skeptical when someone says that to me. For some reason, this time I wasn’t. I did a google search of Abe’s name and I found out that he lost both of his parents in Sudan along with four of his brothers and sisters…
Abe survived and is now thriving. He came to the United States at 17 and finished high school, got his under graduate degree, and is now working on his graduate degree in Chicago with hopes of someday working for the UN.
Somehow we always seem to meet the most amazing people… Today was no exception. Abe is incredible and totally inspires me.  We will be friends for many years to come and the next time I am in the Chicago area I am hoping to challenge Abe to a friendly game of soccer!
All I can say is thank heavens for facebook…

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