Warped Perceptions

Today, Tiff and I were talking about how being on Tour changes your perception of things. For instance your perception of time is completely warped. You get to the point where you think a 6 hour drive is a short one.

I judge couches based on their sleep ability. I will never purchase a couch that I could not sleep on. I critique cities based on the ease of maneuvering and parking a big van like Lenore.

We also judge the cleanliness of our clothes, not by whether or not they are actually clean, but by their smell and lack of stains.

I no longer rank coffee shops based on how good their coffee is, I rank them based on the number and accessibility of outlets to plug in my laptop. I never realized how difficult it can be to find an available outlet in some coffee shops until I came on tour.

Tour also has a way of sucking just about every ounce of creativity from your being.  I used to consider myself a creative person, but day after day, I sit down at my computer and try to come up with something to blog about and find that a can only come up with basically the same thing that I said the time before. My creativity is almost completely gone, so I apologize for the lack of originality in my blog posts.

We are constantly plagued by a baseline level of exhaustion, but it amazes me that night after night we find the strength and enthusiasm to tell the Nuru story. I guess when you are doing something that you truly love, you will find the will to do it and do it to the best of your ability.

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