Together, we’ve raised over $40,000 to fight extreme poverty.


Together, we have become a movement of over 6000 people.


Together, we have seen some great changes for the people of Kuria, Kenya.


Together we have contributed to a 300% increase in maize yields.


Together we witnessed 97% repayment on agriculture loans


Together we helped subsidize the cost of four deep wells at primary schools


Together we made it possible for 2250 people to be trained in Water & Sanitation and Healthcare techniques


Together we helped Nuru impact 5000+ people through agriculture programs.

Together we helped 1000 subsidized bednets get distributed which has led to a decrease in malaria cases.

Together we are ending extreme poverty, one community at a time.

Together, let’s look forward to even more great news in 2010!


Be the change you want to see . . .


Be Hope. Be Light.


Be Nuru.