When I tell people that three of us are traveling around the country in 75 days to tell the story of Nuru, I come across various reactions. Some people think it is the coolest they have ever heard while others try to mask their true feelings by saying “oh that’s interesting” when really their internal dialogues are saying, “You all are crazy to live in a van for 3 months just to tell a story.”


So why have we packed a van to the max and hit the road for 3 months? Because we truly believe that the Nuru story can change lives. We truly believe that ordinary people like ourselves can make extraordinary impacts on the crisis of extreme poverty.


The other night we were in Nashville, TN and had an event at an awesome coffee shop called Ugly Mugs. As people filed into the back corner of the coffee house, we had to grab more and more chairs and rearrange our setup a couple times to accommodate everyone. Before the event, Tiffany, Derek and I were able to sit around and talk with most of the people that came to hear about Nuru. Finally, we had to stop all of our separate conversations and start the presentation.


As we each got up and shared our hearts for Nuru and our stories of how we became Nuru, I noticed that each person in attendance was completely engaged and drawn into the work that Nuru is doing, even the woman who was chasing her little toddler around.


Usually after an event, we chat with people, sell some merchandise, and pack up. After this event we stayed around and talked with people for about an hour. At one moment I took a step back, looked around the room and saw all these people excitedly talking about Nuru…I was struck with the feeling, this is why we do what we do. This is why we left our everyday lives to drive around the county…because what Nuru is doing is truly revolutionary and people get it and want to join the story of Nuru.


As a crazy as it may seem, this is our lives and I am loving every minute of it!