Last fall, when we launched our recurring giving program to help empower families out of extreme poverty for good, we received a number of donations.  In total, 345 families are being empowered to lift themselves out of extreme poverty as a result of the program.

Sometimes when people give to support Nuru’s work, they share a little bit of their own story in the process.  One of those people is a guy by the name of Dave Frost.  Dave’s story inspires our staff to this day.  Here is his story.  I hope you appreciate his story as much as we do.

I am currently living on Social Security in a mobile home in a small community in South Dakota.  I am also well over $150,000 in debt for cancer surgery and treatments with no insurance.  I am donating nearly 2-3% of my gross income in the hope that it makes life better for someone who is far poorer than I am. That sure doesn’t sound like much of a percent, but it is easy to figure what I live on . . . I will try to up my donation as I can, and I will say that if I can afford this, 80% of the folks in America can afford this and more.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Since last fall, Dave has gone a step further. He has shared Nuru’s story and updates with 75 friends and family members in an effort to encourage them to join us in the fight.

His words and actions have moved and inspired us, they serve as a rallying call for folks who want to make a difference in the world and feel like they don’t have anything to offer.  His story is both a humbling and powerful example of how people like you and me can truly stand up and make a difference.  We can end extreme poverty, together, one community at a time.

Will you tell others about Nuru’s work, or consider financially supporting Nuru today?

Thanks for taking the time to read.