Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard stories of different people running marathons and using their feet to accomplish a great feat for ending extreme poverty.

Here are just a couple.

Brittani has been a huge fan of Nuru and has participated in awareness events like Be Hope To Her in the past.  As she and her fiancé considered running a marathon, she began to think of ways to incorporate her passionate support of Nuru into their endeavor.  She and her fiancé used the Nuru Cause Page to raise money for Nuru instead of receiving birthday presents.  In addition to using the nuru cause page birthday wish program to raise money for Nuru, she and her fiancé decided to host a party with a purpose.  The party had a running theme, and folks had a lot of fun because they dressed up for the evening.  Someone even came dressed as a running Forrest Gump. People voted on the costumes, and there was even a small prize for the winner.Again, they used facebook to create an event and invited friends, but also used old fashioned correspondence like txts and phone calls.  In the middle of all of the fun and food, Brittani reminded folks why she was running, and gave folks an opportunity to give financially toward Nuru—which they did.  A few days later, she and her fiancé ran the race together in tech shirts they had made for this event (and hopefully future marathons too!)

Joey has run the three marathons.  At previous races he had spoken with several runners who raised money for causes they believed in.  Since Nuru was an organization he supported, he talked with friends and they joined with him and together raised over $1000 to go toward Nuru.  In his words, “The race itself was nothing short of amazing. The racers, the spectators, and the volunteers were all constantly cheering, and we received several cheers of, ‘GO NURU!’ Joey and his friends had shirts printed with the Nuru website on the back of them, and were able to talk about Nuru with many people during the race. Joey reflected on the event and said, “It was amazing to combine my love for running with my desire for change.”

At Nuru, we love seeing people take action in tangible ways like this.  Brittani and Joey could have just run a marathon, which is a great accomplishment by itself.  But they took it a step further.  They gave others an opportunity to find out about Nuru, to encourage them in their running, and to support a great cause.   What a fantastic way to be Nuru! 

So . . . how will you be Nuru?