In one week, tour will be over. It’s crazy to think that 10 weeks ago, we were just leaving Morgantown, WV. When we left, I had it in my mind what tour would be, what success would look like, and how it would play out based on prior experiences. To be honest, it has been few of those things, but it’s been bigger and greater than I could have dreamed. 

Being a part of Nuru’s first tour has been one of the biggest honors of my life. I look at my life almost daily and think “Really? This is work?” For 10 weeks now, I’ve traveled to new places, met incredible people, and have been given the opportunity to invite them into a story that is transforming lives in both the developing world and the developed world.

And the incredible thing is, people get it. I’ve spent way more time telling people how they can be involved than convincing them why they should be. I hear time and time again that Nuru just makes sense. What a testament to the vision behind Nuru, the teams of people that make the work happen, and the media team that makes communicating this story so easy! Tour is the culmination of all the work being done at Nuru, and I get the honor of sharing it with the people we encounter.

One week to go, and a final push to finish strong. We want to talk to as many people as humanly possible this week, knowing that they will continue to share Nuru’s story long after our van has pulled away. Thanks to so many of you who are already being Nuru where you are. It is your stories that have inspired us on our journey and have kept us strong along the way. It’s an honor to serve the poor with you.