Oh Happy Day.

Well Lenore has almost 10,000 new miles, we have been through 17 states, and we have consumed enough coffee to float a small battleship. I figured if I were going to be drinking that much coffee I should probably stop making so much trash from all the empty cups… I picked up the mug that is in the photo above from the original REI store here in Seattle. I have had my eye on it for a while, ever since I saw the one that our education program manager Meghan Baird had a few months ago. I was having a tough time justifying the purchase for a long time because it was a bit more expensive than your everyday travel mug. That was, until I got the chance to actually try one out in Charlotte. Turns out that you can fill it up and turn it upside-down and nothing comes out. It also has a clip on the handle that you can use to clip it to your backpack when you are finished with your coffee. I know to most of you the purchase of a coffee mug would not seem all that exciting, but the road has a way of making the little things seem a lot sweeter. I am very happy with my purchase and if we meet someday I would be more than happy to let you fill it up for me too!!!  🙂


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