Last weekend the Nuru Grassroots Movement Team traveled to West Virginia Wesleyan College to make our debut in the NGO conference world. The “Engaging Our World” conference was sponsored by Oxfam America and the Bonner Foundation, and was focused on helping students gain a greater understanding of global issues and how to effectively work towards solutions.

Over 300 students from 65 colleges around the southeastern United States attended, and Nuru was invited to share our story, methods and vision with a room full of students at an early morning workshop, encouraging them to join us in the fight to end extreme poverty.

On top of the presentation, we had a booth at the conference organization fair. There was a GREAT response at the booth, and conference attendees were impressed both by the holistic nature of what we do, as well as our plan for long term sustainability for the communities we work with as they lift themselves out of poverty.

We had a great team, and each person employed their unique talents to make our time at the conference even more successful. Jamie, one of our leaders, couldn’t stop talking about how excited she is about the work we are doing. Curtis Delong, our campus director, thought it was really cool to be around so many young men and women who are bright and articulate, and who realize that WE are the generation that will change things.

Personally, it was really exiting to see our team in action.  It was exciting to see them engaging in conversations with dozens of people during the course of the day at the organizational fair, and it was also cool to see them sharing their passion and conviction as to why others need to join in the fight. The stakes are too high to sit around and do nothing.  The stakes are too high to wait for someone else to come up with a plan. Now is the time for you and I to be part of the solution.  If you’ve come to this blog, you’ve taken a first step.  Will you join us and BE NURU?