Nuru Intronational announces its most important fundraising campaign to date – I Am Nuru.  I Am Nuru is a sustainable giving campaign where individuals or families donate monthly to support Nuru’s work in Kuria, Kenya.

There are 1,000 families in Kuria that need continued access to Nuru’s lifesaving Agriculture, Water & Sanitation, Healthcare, Education and Community Economic Development programs, so we’re asking 1,000 of you to empower one family each out of extreme poverty forever.

For only $29 a month, you can ensure that one family in Kuria has continued access to Nuru’s:

  • Agriculture Loan Program where farmers can increase their maize yields by 300%
  • Water & Sanitation Program that provides clean water and effective sanitation
  • Healthcare Program that delivers enhanced medical treatment and disease prevention
  • Education Program that trains teachers and equips schools with the supplies they need
  • Community Economic Development Program that facilitates savings clubs and provices micro-loans and mentoring to young entrepreneurs

Head over the I Am Nuru page today to read Nuru member profiles, watch a brand new video featuring some of Nuru’s biggest fans saying why they are Nuru, and learn how you can join the campaign.