Today the Nuru Tour Team is driving from Palo Alto, CA to Portland, OR, which is about a 10 hour drive. This is not the first of our LONG driving days, but fortunately it has been about a week and a half since we have had to travel such a long distance in a day.

So you might be wondering what we do to keep our sanity on long drives…we are still coming up with new things to do, but some of our favorites so far are…

Glee sing-a-longs – our favorites are Don’t Stop Believing and Gold Digger

Disney sing-a-longs

Asking would you rather questions; for example, would you rather live in a house infested with poisonous snakes or live in a house with a toilet seat made of razor blades?

Catching up on sleep

Having conversations in which we speak in various accents

Watching VHS tapes on Stevie the TV and Vicki the VCR – We recently watched Jurassic Park and then discussed which dinosaur we each would want to be. It was a tough call, but I think I would want to be a Philosoraptor.

Reading – I just started reading The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis.

Eating Little Debbie snacks – when we were in Collegedale, TN, we went to the Little Debbie Bakery Store and stocked up on zebra cakes, Swiss cake rolls, caramel cookie bars, and oatmeal crème pies. The supply has almost been totally depleted.

Cleaning/reorganizing Lenore – we try our best to keep our home clean.

Van dance parties – these and sing-a-longs pretty much go together.

Making videos with the flipcam – often times these videos include footage of van dance parties and sing-a-longs. Perhaps we will post some of these in the near future so you can check out our mad skills.

Reading our weekly letters from our amazing Morgantown family

Calling our friends and leaving them ridiculous voice mails


And then, of course, we do work. We catch up on emails, follow up with contacts, write blogs, discuss our events, etc.

If you have any ideas for van games or ways to pass the time, feel free to share them with us.