Holiday Campaign Begins Dec. 1

This holiday season 7,000 people in Kuria, Kenya are being empowered through Nuru’s programs. Farmers’ maize yields have tripled. Parents can pay for their children’s school fees. There is access to clean water. Healthcare and sanitation interventions like hand-washing stations and bednets are preventing the spread of disease. And savings clubs and micro-loans are helping families provide for a better future.

But there are still thousands in Southwest Kenya who continue to suffer in crippling poverty.

Alice is a little girl who lives in a village called Moheto, which is located on the edge of where Nuru currently works. She dreams of going to secondary school, but her parents can’t afford to pay school fees. She stays home and fetches water for her family, but the water is contaminated, and she is constantly sick. Her father and mother work hard in their fields, but their undernourished crops don’t produce enough for them to feed themselves. They can’t afford beds, so they sleep on the dirt floor without mosquito nets that protect against malaria. They are trapped in the cycle of extreme poverty.

With your help, Nuru can change the lives of families like Alice’s.
A donation to Nuru will allow us to scale our programs to neighboring communities that desperately need support.

And this holiday season, your donation will be doubled with matching funds from three generous donor families who passionately believe in Nuru’s life-changing work.

Every donation given between December 1st – 31st will be matched dollar for dollar up to $80,000.

  • $50 becomes $100
  • $250 becomes $500
  • $1,000 becomes $2,000
  • $5,000 becomes $10,000

Consider your means. What could you give to make this the last holiday season that Alice goes hungry

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