Somebody give me a drum roll…  BH2O+ is back! Every morning I wake up giddy for what’s going to happen in April 2010 through “Be Hope to Her” (and that’s before my morning coffee!).  I am truly inspired on a daily basis when I talk with passionate individuals across the country – like you.  Your efforts for BH2O+ and on behalf of Nuru build momentum across the US for work Nuru is doing in Kuria, Kenya.

So what’s the scoop on 2010?  Well, we’ve listened to your feedback from our 2009 event and made three strategic changes.

1.       Flexibility in event design.  Last year, Nuru staff and volunteers worked closely with every site to create a uniform event at all eleven sites.  This year, we’re encouraging each site to use the event architecture Nuru provides to design an awesome event that blends their campus or city flavor with the mission and purpose of BH2O+.

2.       More provided materials.   Last year, we provided an outline of what was needed for the event, and each site made it happen in its own way.  This year, we’re working to ease the burden from each planning team and provide all required event materials – such as the yellow buckets, three educational exhibits and a participant booklet.  This will result in a slight increase in the registration fee (still only $8 for early birds!), but we are confident the enhanced experience will be worth it.

3.       All “heads” in.  Last year, we strove to communicate solidarity through matching our practice with that of Kenya – asking only women to carry water.  After hearing how many men are motivated to bring change to this issue and have the desire to participate in a significant way, we have now opened up the water walk experience to both men and women.  Thank you to everyone helped us to make this decision – we value your feedback.

I know you are going to LOVE the 2010 event!  Just you wait – I have so much more goodness in store to share.  If you’re not already signed up for my weekly emails to help you guide your event, or if you need information to bring this event to your campus or city center, contact me today.

We are ending extreme poverty together, one community at a time!  Thanks for making a difference in your community.