Have the BEST September ever! Join #30Ways

Have the BEST September ever! Join #30Ways

Last September, you held garage sales, and organized benefit dinners to raise over $25,000 to help bring lasting change to our neighbors in Kenya and Ethiopia!

Olivia and Lily Warren baked pies and raised $450 dollars in Chicago, IL.
Sarah Dodson threw a birthday party 80s style in Bridgeport, WV and asked people to donate to Nuru instead of buying gifts. She raised $1,735.
Six-year old Trent Huffman decided he was going to help by selling coffee in front of his house (and virtual cups online) near Winchester, VA. He raised $1,300!










#30Ways is back. And you’ll want in.

If you have a passion to further Nuru’s work and a willingness to invite your friends to join in, then this is for you—30 Days and 30 Ways—a fun, interactive campaign raising money to provide the chance for families in Kenya and Ethiopia to lift themselves out of extreme poverty forever.

Want to host a bake sale, throw a dance party, perform a magic show, or create some other incredible activity to help your friends and family join your efforts to end extreme poverty? Start by creating your own fundraising page. Then, invite your friends and family to support your goal, and together, help end extreme poverty. It’s that simple!

During the month of September, we will highlight one fundraiser’s page per day on Facebook and Twitter. Be amazing and join the fight to end extreme poverty! #30Ways #IAmNuru

Email me to learn more!

About Billy Williams

Strategic Partnerships Director — As passionate about ending extreme poverty as he is about his home state of West Virginia, Billy developed a hunger for listening to and telling good stories at a young age. He received a BA in Chemistry and English as well as an MA in English from West Virginia University as well as an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. As Nuru’s lead advocate and storyteller, Billy has been invited to share at events around the globe. If you are seated next to him on a plane, or trapped with him in an elevator, he’ll be sure to invite you to join our efforts, too.

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