Hello friends. 

The photo above is from our event at Southeastern University. We spoke to the majority of their student body at their chapel service. In all there were about 800 students that we were able to talk to and we had individual conversations with several of them afterward. I know I speak for the whole team when I say we had a really great time meeting the students and faculty at Southeastern! This leads me to the issue that I wanted to discuss.

This might come as a shock to some of you, but I have a pretty healthy fear of speaking in front of people. I know what you’re thinking… Why on earth would anyone who is afraid to speak in front of people, take a job where they talk in front of people everyday??? Well the answer is, because the story needs to be told. It really is that simple.

I think something changed inside of me when I first heard Jake tell his stories of coming face to face with extreme poverty. I could no longer compartmentalize the statistics I had heard about extreme poverty and in that moment it truly became real to me. Poverty had a name and a face and I knew that I had to do whatever I could to end the injustice. I volunteered for a while doing everything under the sun until the opportunity came to take a trip to tell the story. I could not turn down the opportunity to tell the stories that had changed my life so much and give others the chance to become involved as well.

This is why I face my fear of public speaking and I encourage you to face your fears as well. Nothing that is worth doing is easy, so take that step, whatever it is, to start living a life that matters!