Tour gives us the opportunity to meet many different people in different phases of life, but one of my favorite things has been having the opportunity to spend time with families. It is always fun to be able to see families function as a unit and how a parent’s example can shape who their children will become.

I think of my own parents. My mom is an educator, and I can remember her being the teacher that connected with the “lost causes”. She never saw them that way. She took time to make students feel valued, and fostered a love for learning in the most unlikely students. My dad is an engineer. A logical thinker. But when I think of him, I see him mowing our lawn, then going next door to mow our neighbor’s lawn as she struggled to care for her son on her own. He engaged even the hardest, roughest kids in conversations that told them that their voice matters. Growing up, he reminded me to remember others who struggled for the basic needs of life despite my own comforts. It’s no wonder that today I value education, desire to invest in people, don’t believe in lost causes, encourage individuals to use their unique voice, and can’t ignore my responsibility to those who live in poverty.

Then, I see these families – parents who want to see extreme poverty ended, and teach their kids about kids across the globe who are just like them but deal with obstacles beyond comprehension. I see servanthood, love, sacrifice, and beauty lived out in these homes. I can’t help but be excited about what the future holds. Not only are we seeing a generation of young people stepping out, but we’re humbled by the families that care about people a world away, fight the fights that matter, and train their kids to do the same.

Thank you to all the families living life this way. It isn’t always the easy road, but you’re making a difference now and raising up the future leaders to continue your legacy of influencing positive change in the world. Though often unnoticed, your work is invaluable and integral to what we do. We can’t thank you enough for fighting alongside us.

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