Love it or hate it, Facebook has changed the way we interact with people. It allows us to reach out to and connect with far more people than we could without it. So naturally, it is an important tool to use to raise the profile of BH2O+.


Let’s dive into what that might look like for you:


1. Be a Fan

If you aren’t a fan of Nuru International on Facebook, join the fanpage. Then go through and invite ALL your friends to do the same. Fanpages don’t have a limit on how many invites you can send out a day. This is a great way to stay connected to Nuru and what we’re doing, including BH2O+.


2. Come Together

Start a group for your area. It could be for your college, region, city, etc. Then invite your friends. This is a great way to connect and identify potential BH2O+ planners and participants for your area. Plus, it makes dispensing location-specific information quick and easy.


3. You’re Invited…

Create a Facebook event for your BH2O+ events, planning team meetings, and registration days. It’s a good way to remind people what’s happening and when (you can message all invitees) and to gauge for yourself how many people will be attending things so you can plan accordingly.


4. Status is Everything

Use your Facebook statuses to promote BH2O+! You can advertise the event, website, meetings, or even water statistics. This is the first thing people see when they get on facebook, so it’s a prime way to expose people to the event and the issue. 


5. Everyone Loves A Good Story

Your story is powerful. Know this. People want to know why you care. Use Facebook notes to share your story as well as other awesome stories you encounter while planning. People want to participate in a good story, so your narrative can be a platform for people to engage the issue.  


These are just a few ways you can use Facebook. It’s an extremely powerful tool, and I’d love to hear more creative ways you all have used it and will use it to promote BH2O+.